Tips For Your Maternity Portraits

Tips for your maternity portraits are important. Planning sessions is crucial. It helps solidify your ideas, think carefully about clothing and clarify goals. Here are a few tips to think about for your maternity portraits.



I was fortunate enough to work with this professional young couple expecting their first baby together for their maternity shoot here in Los Angeles. They were just fantastic; and they were troopers. Photo shoots are hard work, not only for the photographer, but for the clients too.

The mom to be, Shelia, was so prepared. She had gone out to flea markets, and shops in her neighborhood and bought the cutest hair pieces and crowns. Some had a vintage feel, others more contemporary and others just cute, you know, adorable! Our maternity photo studio rented two maternity photo gowns from Mama Bump Rentals They arrived in plenty of time, and the return process was easy too. Sheila, had the greatest taste, and she understood what looked gorgeous on her. Between the two of us, we selected the maternity Boho Ivory Gown and the La Bella Mama gown. Sheila looked so amazing.

Maternity photo shoots are optimal if Dad comes along and is on board. Sheila had the best husband. Goodness, he was cooperative, and patient. He waited as we primped and got Sheila all ready for her set in her first gown, then just appeared on set like a pro when it was his turn. Such a great partner. And because of his support, Sheila photographed even better! Have a look at this behind the scenes video and see how awesome a Los Angeles Maternity studio shoot can be.