Lifestyle-Studio Hybrid Session

For older babies aged 14 days or more, we offer a session which is a blend of posed shots with more natural, environmental or lifestyle shots. Images tend to focus more on the relationship of mother and child, siblings and family. 

Black and White

Lifestyle-studio hybrid photography tends to focus more on relationships. Presenting images in black and white tends to highlight this and soften the extraneous details of clothing and environment. Color images are always available. It is totally up to you and your preference.


Lifestyle-studio hybrid photography is able to focus on details of your baby with the advantages of studio lighting. This often provides evocative detailed images of baby in a controlled setting.

Skin on skin

The advantage of being is a studio is we can get beautiful skin-on-skin shots which highlight the size and characteristics of your baby. Such shots are optional, of course, and if you prefer to wear a shirt, that is no problem.