Newborn Photographer Near Me

If you want the best photos, experience, and talent, then you need Katie. She is the best newborn photographer near me. She is in the LA area. With over 20 years of experience, there is not a moment Panos Productions Photography could not capture. 

The magic behind a newborn photographer

Katie’s newborn photography studio is much like her previous teaching career; organized, planned, consistent, and successful. Katie sets clear expectations for clients about what they will need to do and what kinds of images they can expect. Katie is talented, and in addition she is certified by the American Association of Newborn Photography Safety. She is simply the best newborn photographer near me. 

Newborn photography samples

Planning a precious newborn photoshoot

Getting amazing newborn photographs require vision and planning. Katie tells potential clients, as your photographer “we will be in each other’s life as we plan, execute and create the perfect images.”

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