Preparing Your Newborn For Photos

Preparing  your newborn for photos is like many “big” moments in life. There is not much room for a “do over”. Newborns look like this, and can be posed like this for such a short time. By three weeks, many babies are past the stage where traditional newborn posing can happen safely.

A case in point is this little newborn boy here. In these images he is just about exactly 6 weeks old. Often, babies at this age can be a challenge to photograph because they do not sleep in quite the same way as they do the first 2 weeks of life. But preparing, and keeping in close communication with your newborn photographer can help a lot. This boy’s mom was all over it, in terms of prepping and it made the session. It really did. Here is what she did.

3 Preparing Your Newborn For Photos Must Do’s

1. Manage Newborn Feedings: 

The key to getting your baby to sleep is a full tummy. Since newborns eat about every 90 minutes or so, it is critical to time your arrival at the studio, or the arrival of your newborn photographer at your home with feeding. Let’s assume you have a 10:00 am appointment for a newborn photo shoot. This means that you will need to feed your baby at around 8:00 am, pack up, and get to the studio so that you can feed her again at 10:00. Newborn photographers understand that feedings have to happen, In fact, a lot of time in newborn photography is spent waiting for the baby to finish eating. Just before the session begins, feed your baby. Do not let them fall asleep until they have completely finished however many ounces they usually eat. We want a full tummy Doing this will help encourage your older baby to sleep.

2. Have a Bath Before the Newborn Photo Session: 

A bath can be very soothing for many babies. And if you baby hates baths, you can do a quick massage. So, if you have a bath or a massage, then feed, then come to the studio and feed again, this will help your baby be calm and feel safe as we pose and manipulate them through the session. Babies like touch. It makes them feel safe, connected and calm.

3. Forget the Onesie: 

Onesies are definitely the go to item for newborns. But on the day of your photo shoot, do not use one. Onesies are difficult to get on and off without disturbing the baby. While removing a onesie, most babies wake up. And if they have just been fed, it is not time to eat again. So there you have a baby who is awake for no “natural” reason. It seems to confuse the baby and makes many sessions go south before they have even begun. Instead, as you prepare your baby to come to the newborn studio, place him in a loose diaper (marks on skin are no fun in photos), and place a warm blanket over him in the car seat. Then, when he gets to the studio, all he needs to to be fed, and he should fall asleep.

These are the three things this mom did to help her older baby  kill his newborn baby pictures. You can do these same things when preparing  your newborn for photos. They are easy to do and work like a charm almost every time.

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Katie is a maternity and newborn photographer in Los Angeles, 9104