Tujunga Baby Photographer

For over 15 years, Katie of Panos Productions Photography was an elementary school teacher and part time photographer. After retirement from teaching, Katie became one of the most talented baby photographers in Tujunga, CA. 

The best maternity & newborn photographer

Katie’s baby photography studio is very “teacher like”: organized, planned, consistent, and successful. She sets clear expectations for her clients about what they will need to do and what kinds of images they can expect for their family. Katie is certified by the American Association of Newborn Photography Safety. The organizational skills, experience and care for children, position Katie as a leader in Tujunga baby photography. More importantly, they allow Katie to focus on capturing the perfect baby photo. The photo that freezes time and lasts a lifetime. 

Newborn photography samples

Maternity photography samples

Planning the perfect Tujunga baby photography

Getting amazing photographs does not just happen. They are planned. Katie tells potential clients, “I can’t photograph you from behind a wall of emails, texts and phone calls”. I will be your photographer. Meeting in person is crucial. As your photographer we will “be in each other’s life” as we plan, execute and create the perfect images. 

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