Your Portrait Experience

Complete Your Portrait Inventory

Your portrait inventory gives you a way to decide what your priorities are. It helps you determine goals and establish outcomes. This is a critical part for helping me understand your personality and style preferences. Some example questions are: If you were to decorate your home with images, what kind of displays would you prefer? Are you considering giving an image from your session as a gift? Of all the clothes in your wardrobe, what are the pieces you feel highlight your character?

Planning Consultation

Most planning sessions happen here at the studio. You may bring in your favorite clothes. We review your portrait inventory. Then we begin to get a sense of style for the session. By seeing what the studio has in our wardrobe, accessories, props, we can begin to plan out your session.

The Fine Art Portrait Experience

Most sessions are at least one hour. You will arrive at the studio and we will review our session plan. We start with your first costume/outfit. You will be guided in posing the whole way so you know what to do. Next, the lights flash, the wind machine blows and you are in the groove. We even take some behind the scenes images so you can remember your experience. Then, you change into your next outfit. You will find that you relax and sink into a relationship with the camera, so that the best images often happen a little later in the session.
If you are bringing a newborn, infant or child for a session, the process is similar. Mom will be helping out a lot with wardrobe changes so we can get those super cute images.

Reveal & Heirloom Display Selection

Once images are edited according to our fine-art specifications, you will come to the studio to select your favorites. If you have purchased a package, you will pick up most pieces at this appointment. Some pieces, like commissioned painting, take longer to complete. You will leave with studio photographs in hand to go and share with your friends.

Decorate Your Home

Once you have your images, albums, folio boxes, and/or commissioned painting, you can now display them in your home. If you need help hanging larger pieces, we can assist you with that. Now, your friends and family will be awestruck when they see your fine art images in your home.