10 Must-Know Tips For Photographing Your Newborn

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What’s In The Guide

There is a lot that many people do not know about newborn photography. My  10 must-know tips guide can help you understand more what what to expect. Some of the things covered in the guide are when the best time is for images, what to look for in a photographer, the kinds of newborn photography and how to think about the kinds of images you want of your baby.

I wrote this guide to help expecting and new moms get a better idea about what is involved. Newborn photography is an experience that should not be rushed, or jumped into without thought and planning. Of course, I understand that this cannot be avoided sometimes. This guide will still help you even if you are looking for a photographer at the last minute.

You can view this guide on the web, or download it to your phone. This way it can be at your fingertips as you talk to photographers who interest you. 


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