3 Things to Think About Before Your Maternity/Newborn Photo Session

As a professional newborn photographer, one of my main goals is to educate potential clients. Educate? Yes. Believe it or not, most clients book a consultation or even a photo session without thinking about what kind of images they want or what they want to do with them. Professional photo sessions take preparation on the part of the client, as well as the photographer. What I have found is that most people have no idea what kinds of images are available, what their style is, what they want to do with the images etc. I want to help you get ready for your photo session no matter which maternity and newborn photographer you go with.

  1.  Why do you want professionally made images? This may seem like a silly question, but truly, why go to all the trouble? Obviously, you do not want iPhone snapshots as you are looking to spend a considerable amount of money, time and effort on these images. You know that these are important images, but why are they important for you? Everyone will answer this question differently. Do you want to display images in your home? Are you looking to create an heirloom you can share with your child in 20 years? Do you want to send out traditional paper baby announcements? Are you looking for images you want to share? Or ones just for you and yours? Is your goal just to document this time in your life? What do you want to remember?
  1. What is your personal style? Knowing your overall style is critical for the photographer to know. No matter what artistic license the photographer will take, they need to have an idea about your personality.  Are you a casual person? What do you like to wear? Do you take time each day to put your ‘look’ together? Or do you put on whatever is closest to you and easiest? Are you a Restoration-Hardware-type or a Pier-One-Imports-type? Ikea or Ethan Allen? Nordstroms or Kate Spade or neither? Do you drive a truck? A sportscar?
  1. What style of images do you want? All photographers have their own creative color. But they can adapt their artistic bent towards the kind of ‘feel’ you want for your images. Are you looking for realistic/natural poses of your baby? Or do you want those cute poses with their bum in the air and a precious hat? Maybe you want some of both? Maybe you are not sure. My advice is to look around. Here is a great way to get an idea about what you like. Google Art Project is one way to help you decide what kind of artistic style you have. Snoop around and add to your collection any image you like. Collect 10 or so. Then look at them and see if you can find a pattern. Do you have a  lot of modern paintings in your collection? Do most have purple? Doing this will help you see what you like and don’t like.

In a world where images are everywhere, it is easy to believe that making images is “no big deal”. I am here to tell you that creating great photographs is a big deal. It is so much more than just pressing a button, and there is more preparation on the part of the photographer than most can even begin to imagine. Do your homework. Know who you are and share this with your newborn photographer in Los Angeles. The images you get will be ones you truly love and you will have played a major part in creating them.