About Katie - The Photographer

My name is Katie and I created and own Panos Productions Photography. Many call me eccentric and, I admit,  I am a bit of a recluse,  I have not traveled along the more traditional paths in my life. Yet, I am a very happy person who enjoys meeting people, especially kids, and working with them. I was a special education teacher for over 20 years. Maybe that is why I am a bit different and march to a different drummer than other photographers. Maybe that is why I like kids so much; because they have not yet decided who or what they are going to be in life.

I have a private studio in Tujunga, CA. And as a creative person, you may notice that there are a lot of things in my studio; all kinds of props, fabrics, gowns, lighting gear, furniture and more. All of these things are the tools I use to style sessions and create looks and feels that suit my clients. I spend a lot of time planning for and fussing over my clients. You can ask any one who has sat for a portrait with  me; I focus a lot on details and posing. I may make 10 adjustments before I take a shot. You may experience me going back out to get something out of storage that I think is needed in the moment. Or, you may see me rifle through the closet to get the perfect sash or headpiece.

For me, it is tough to have a super neat, sleek looking studio with all the objects that need to be available to me to complete my sessions. So I hope you, as a potential client, understand and can be as excited as I am about the ever present infinity of possibilities that exist around all the “stuff” in my studio.

Because I have a certain look and feel for every image I make, I tend to spend a lot of time in post production. None of my images are the kind you can see the same day I get the shot. My process just does not work that way. My attitude is that a few unforgettable images is much more interesting than a gallery of 30 repetitive and similar ones. This is my approach, and how I operate my studio.

I do not work with an assistant. For me, I find that it takes too much energy to try and explain to another person what I am looking for. Sometimes, I do not even know until I see it myself. So, my sessions may take longer than some others out there. But I am OK with that. It is how I work best, and what I like.

For me, the most important thing about photography is capturing relationship and authenticity. You may notice my images have a dramatic element to them, even my maternity and newborn images. Of course, smiles are accepted and even encouraged in my studio, but few people smile all the time. A portrait session that excludes the moment-to-moment expressions fails to truly capture most individuals.

Getting amazing photographs does not just happen. They are planned, planned and planned some more. I always tell potential clients, “I can’t photograph you from behind a wall of emails, texts and phone calls”. I will be your photographer. Meeting in person or by video conference is crucial. As your photographer we will “be in each other’s life” for 2-3 weeks as we plan, execute and create images for you to display.

I invite you to have an  complimentary consultation about your fine art portrait session. My job will be to create astoundingly captivating images of you and your family. Experience what it feels like to be photographed with the people you love.


Photographer Katie Katsenis
  • Vaccinated
  • Red Cross First Aid (Infants) •
  • Completed newborn care specialist training
  • 15 Years experience with children with health concerns in the classroom.

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