Baby Sebastien’s Newborn Photo Session

This little guy was such a squish. Look at those wrinkles!

Our session started as normal, with a good solid feeding. Yet, even though we could all tell he was sleepy, Sebastien fought to stay awake! Maybe he wanted to provide some input on his “good side”. But after about 90 minutes, Sebastien fell into that delightful newborn deep sleep that newborn photographers love. He was just a dream to pose, and while it did take time for him to settle in each pose, once he was there, he stayed picture perfect for several minutes. Thank you Sebastien! That helped a lot.

Sebastien was a big little boy, weighing in at 11 pounds at 9 days. I was worried none of my newborn studio clothes would fit. But they did. He looked just so adorable in our grey wool romper. I will say, Sebastien was not a big fan of hats, as many newborn babies are not. But he at least tolerated the classic elf hat long enough to get that perfect shot for his mother.

You did great Sebastien! Can’t wait to watch you grow at your 3, 7, 9, and 12 month benchmarks.