Baby Brandon’s Newborn Photo Session

Baby Brandon almost did not make it for his newborn photo session. He missed the best age for newborn photos: about two weeks old. But it seems the stars all aligned, and he was able to attend his session and give his parents a gallery of super adorable images. No one thought Brandon would be able to do a lot of these poses.Technically, he was past the the best age for newborn photos of 14 days. Baby Brandon had an actual age of 6 weeks and an adjusted age of not yet born.  Brandon was great during his session.  In fact he did phenomenally well given all he had been through prior to his photo shoot.

Way to go Baby Brandon. How cute are you?

Why the best age for newborn photos is under 14 days

Like a lot of newborns, getting him to settle in took an hour or so. We were able to get a couple of cute images of him wrapped up fairly tightly. But even still, he was not in a deep sleep and was startled easily. This is why we like babies under 14 days. It is usually easier for them to sleep.

After an hour or so, and a couple of bonus feedings, Brandon knocked out like a trooper. Wow. he was super amenable and let me pose him. The key to newborn photography is patience and to remember that no mater what is “usually true”, there is no way to predict what may happen for a baby in studio. Technically, Brandon should never have been able to do these poses for this shoot. But, he did.

While it is true that newborn photos are usually most successful under 14 days old, ultimately, it depends on the baby, their size, weight, and disposition.

Be sure you book early. Most newborn photographers book one to two months in advance. 

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Katie is a maternity and newborn photographer in Los Angeles, 91042

Katie is a maternity and newborn photographer in Tujunga, CA 91042