Cake Smash Tips For Your Baby

Here are some cake smash tips for professional portraits of your baby for her first birthday cake smash. It is definitely a super cute thing to do and the last of the “first” benchmarks for quite some time. As a professional baby photographer in Los Angeles, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I share with clients to help them get the most out of this adorable portrait session. Keep reading to find cake smash tips for your baby,

How To Help Make Your Cake Smash Photo Session A Success

Prepare for Tantrums 

To adults, it seems like a load of fun to come to a studio and have your photo taken while you get to wear expensive clothes and eat cake. But for a baby, it does not always work out that way. The photo below is an outtake from a cake smash session. Luckily, we got many images with a happy baby, but there was a lot of crying too. So, plan for this. Have music, video and snacks your baby likes on hand. 

Be extra patient and always remember that for a baby, the experience is very different. Prepare to use a calm soothing voice and have a list of things in your mind that makes your baby smile. Several of my clients have actually practiced a cake smash.  Trader Joes sells affordable perfectly sized 6 inch cakes that you can use to give  your baby a chance to interact with a real cake before your session.

Wear Comfortable Clothes 

One of toughest things for this age is getting the baby to look at the camera. Baby photographers have a few gimmicks like toys that go around the camera. My favorite is the PhoxiTog. Kids like the animals and it is possible to place them around the camera in different ways. But even with these, parents may still have to crouch directly behind me to get their child’s attention. Parents often work as hard as the photographer in getting the baby to look a certain direction or do a certain act. Be ready to have an aerobic workout of getting up and down, picking up and setting down the baby etc.

Be Flexible

 By the time a baby is one, most parents are experts at having reasonable expectations. Planned sessions are best practice, but I always tell clients that the baby may decide to go with Plan E or F and not A or B. So try to have fun and be happy with the images your baby is able to give you on that day. This is one reason why, in my studio, I have other set ups besides the cake smash. This way, we get great images of your baby at this delightful age besides the cake smash.

Katie is a Baby Photographer in Los Angeles, CA 91042