Capturing Expressions of Your Newborn: More than just smiles

One of my favorite parts of photographing newborns here in Sunland-Tujunga (Los Angeles) is creating a portfolio of all their different expressions. Of course, smiles and angel-like sleeping babies are great to have too. Yet I have always felt that newborns come to us with a set personality, and this shows even when they are just days old. If you are an experienced mom, you know what I am talking about. And if you are expecting your first child, please believe me when I say that your son or daughter will have little “ways” about them that you will want to document. These early facial expressions and habits dissolve quickly as the days pass into weeks and months. Every baby is different, but here are a few of the multiple looks I got of this little fellow. Here, he is 3 weeks old.

·       Half-Hearted Grumpy Face: In this pic, this guy looks almost irritated to be sleeping. It was so cute, I had to capture it. This look did not last long before he was transported into a “happier” dream land. So glad I was able to capture this look for mom.

I’m Here and I’m Aware: One of the great things about photographing newborns a bit after the “best window of 5-10 days”, is that they open their eyes more and are so aware. Each baby has their own way of interacting with the world around them. This fellow looks so calm and willing to accept nearly anything that comes his way. A great expression for the baby album.

Not Sure What You’re Doing Daddy: I love this picture. The baby is definitely noticing that he is being held differently, yet there is a peace in his face that shows his bond with his dad. Another expression that mom and dad will want to remember

As you are planning the kinds of images you think you would like, be sure to talk to your photographer about capturing expressions other than smiles. Of course, everyone loves a smiling baby, or a baby who is so cute as they sleep. But in a few years from now, you will be so happy you asked for other shots of those “teeny little things” about your baby that are so fleeting, yet so individual.