Comment Super Cute Newborn Boy Photo Shoot Los Angeles

The Start to a Successful Newborn Boy Shoot
Newborn photography usually follows a pattern. We start on the posing bag, then move to a prop, and then do family photos. But babies often have their own agenda and we are left to create adorable pictures no matter what they do. This happened to is the other day. We had the most adorable newborn boy for a photo shoot in our Los Angeles newborn studio the other day.

Not the sleeping baby we wanted at first
This little guy was a bit skeptical about being in our studio at first. He decided to fight sleeping as hard as he could. And he was successful for quite awhile. We think his parents may have given up hope that their newborn photo session was going to be OK. You can see in the photos that he was awake for several of the shot sequences. But when he did sleep, not only was he a super sleeper, he let us pose him in almost every pose mom and dad wanted.


He looked so adorable in his navy blue newborn pants and matching hat set. What is even more astonishing is that mom and dad wanted photos of their newborn boy with his eyes open and he stayed calm and let us snap away. What a great newborn model. Enjoy these adorable pics. If you are trying to get great photos of your newborn, be sure to use the tried and true tips to help you capture every adorable thing about your baby.