How to Get Better Cell Phone Pics of Your Baby.

Social media allows for parents to practice newborn photography of their baby’s life in ways never before possible. Platforms like Facebook even keep track of  images and show them  years later so people can “remember”.  Here are a few tips about how to create  phone images that will make you glad to see them 2 years from now.

1. Less is More: As a newborn photographer  in Los Angeles, I have seen it all. My advice: Keep images simple. Avoid a colorful Onesie, a hat, mittens, a pacifier,  furniture and the TV ALL in the background of your baby’s picture. Take a few moments and clear out the scene. The focus of the image is the baby, afterall. So remove anything that will make the viewer’s eye wander around the photograph. Bright colors, objects etc. that are not integral to the “story” of the image should be removed.

2. Take A Stand: If you look at most social media of people’s baby pictures, they are taken in a front-to-back line (Camera–baby–background).  Stand somewhere different; higher or lower than the baby, behind, shoot “through” the tchotchkes on the coffee table. Place the baby to the right or left of the image, instead of dead center.

3. Filter Out Filters: Platforms like Instagram have dozens of effects that can be universally placed on newborn photographs. These are called ‘filters’.  While filters can have their place, for the most part they are overdone, poorly applied, and used to hide an otherwise poor image. Focus on having good content and you won’t want to litter your image with after effects.

The next time you get ready to snap that pic with your phone, remembering at least ONE of these tips will yield a better image.

Katie Katsenis is a newborn and maternity photographer in Tujunga, CA 91042 just outside of downtown Los Angeles.