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Tell us what you do and how what you do is different than others. What makes your approach your own?
Describe what it is you do for your clients. Use this section to sell yourself a bit. How do you make life easier? What problems do you solve?
Whatever photography you do, can you give 3 or 4 tips to help non-photographers take better images? E.g., if your speciality is real estate, how can a regular person take better pics of their home. Keep in mind cell phones are what most people use.
Please share several tidbits about your genre or about a shoot you had that most people would never imagine. It should be something neutral or positive.
Please try and spin this in a way that will interest average readers. Avoid "photography is my passion" claims. For example, was it a total accident? Did a life event change everything and so photography happened?
This section of the article will be a take off on behind the scenes. Please name the photo you will submit and then tell us the back story about how you got the shot.
This is a section where you, the expert, provide a photo exercise or a challenge for non-photographer readers. We will ask people to submit their photos to be featured on our IG page and we will tag you. If you would like to respond to submissions, that makes it fun. But it is not required.
THis is the page we will link to in the article.