Newborn Boy Photos: Always A Delight

Being a newborn photographer means you get to do a lot of fun creative stuff. I have not had the chance to photograph a newborn boy in some weeks. I can’t explain it, but everyone has had a little sweet girl lately. So when Jackson here came along, I was ecstatic to try out some different colors and textures with him.

Firstly, look at that skin. Wow. Just naturally so creamy and smooth. Just a thing of beauty. Hard to believe Jackson is only 7 days old in these images. And he just loved to curl up his teeny legs and feet for mom so I could get her these timeless newborn photos. And those eyelashes! Not every newborn baby has eyelashes, so when one comes into the studio who has them, I go nuts getting those classic timeless shots. Also, whether you know it or not, every newborn baby has their own personality. I don’t care how much of their little lives is in “reflex mode”, they still have certain ways. This little guy had a thing about bending his pinky finger. I finally gave up trying to get him to hold the perfect newborn photo pose, and just took the shot as he “wanted” it for mom.

A lot of newborns are not to fond of being put in the classic “baby-in-a-bucket” pose, but Jackson was a real amenable trooper. “Ok Mom, whatever you want”. That was his attitude. And I have to give kudos to Jackson’s parents. Both mom and dad were fabulous about prepping Jackson, themselves, and following the recommended guidelines for getting ready for a newborn photo shoot. There is no doubt that I was able to get awesome images because Jackson was calm and well prepared.

Well, Jackson. I had a blast being your photographer for your newborn boy photo shoot. Don’t forget to come back soon for your milestones during your first year of life.