Newborn Facts Every Mom Needs To Know

Having a baby is the biggest event in one’s life. Newborn facts are your lifeline. But what I have found, working with new parents as a newborn photographer, is that hospitals and doctors do not seem to provide too much information about newborns. This is just my experience, of course. So, I thought it may be useful to my readers to put together some general newborn facts about what you need to know about your new baby.

Most of these facts I learned about during my coursework to become a newborn care specialist. It goes without saying that nothing on here is medical advice and you will need to consult your physician for specific concerns about your baby.

Newborns generally are/have

a pulse of 120 -140 beats per minute
a distended abdomen
a respiration rate of about 30 breaths per minute
no tears until about 6 weeks
excellent hearing put poorer sight
sensitivity to changes in the taste of breastmilk
excellent smell
no ability to breathe through their mouth
a pug nose so they can breathe while they eat
not able to smile on purpose until around 2-3 mos
are not as good at regulating their own body temperature as adults


Two Things All New Parents Should Have

The other thing I have noticed, just listening to clients as we move through a newborn session, is that doctors often are great a big medical issues, but not so great at little stuff like how to calm a baby. The biggest issue new parents seem to have is calming down their baby and keeping their baby asleep for 3 to 4 hours at a time.

(1) I recommend reading “The Happiest Baby On The Block”. The strategies given work for 99% of people and it will make your life so much easier. 

(2) The Miracle Blanket  This is more than just a swaddler. It is designed to be fast, easy, safe and effective. Try one. It will give you back the most precious thing new parents need right now; sleep.

Katie is a maternity and newborn photographer in Los Angeles, CA 91042

Newborn Facts