Newborn Wrapping For Photos

Newborn wrapping  for fine art pictures is a big part of photo sessions.  It is amazing to be a part of it as a parent and as a photographer. One of the things that makes fine art newborn photography so inspiring is the meticulous posing we achieve. The main thing to remember is  your photographer will be concerned with safety first. And not all photographers will attempt every pose clients may see on the Internet because of safety issues. But most newborn photographers will use some form of wrapping, or swaddling.

Wrapping is a something you will see in many newborn images. 

The Reasons For Newborn Wrapping


There are times when a baby arrives at my studio already crying. Maybe she hated the car seat, is tired, or fussy. When this happens, and we know the baby is not hungry and does not need changing, the first thing I do is wrap. And while many babies seem as if they do not like a swaddle or wrap, they do. They may cry while we are wrapping, but once we finish, they usually fall into deep sleep.


If a baby is awake, they tend to move their arms a lot and scratch their little face. Not only does this make for poor images, it is miserable for the baby. Wrapping safely constrains their arms, so even if they are awake for the images we will take, they have support, feel comfortable and safe.


A wrapped baby can wear a diaper.  If your photographer knows she wants to get some nude images during the shoot, it can be necessary to time these just right. Wrapping is a good way to start a session, especially if the baby has just finished eating. While waiting for the best time to take nude images, wrapping allows for beautiful images to be taken and the baby stays comfortable.


Since newborns are not yet able to maintain their own body temperature, wrapping is a way for babies to feel warm. Photographers can layer 2 or even three wraps and peel them off as the series of shots progresses to get different looks.

Potato Sack Pose: 

One of the most popular shots in my studio is Potato Sack. This is not a new pose, or even a new idea. But the way photographers do this pose goes through different trends. For this pose, your photographer definitely needs to know what they are doing, and how to wrap in such a way that the baby remains safe through the entire sequence of shots it takes to create this image.

Artistic Flare: 

You can adapt newborn wrapping  to show as little or as much of the baby’s features as you like. We can place them around the baby in artistic ways to highlight feet, toes, hands, chin etc.


Even if you are not using a professional photographer, newborn wrapping can help you get great images at home too. Learn how to wrap.

Katie is a newborn photographer in Tujunga, CA 91042