Important Facts to Know Before Your Newborn Shoot

Disclaimer: Photographers are not doctors. These are general guidelines we use. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about your baby’s photo session.

  • Fine art images are not snapshots: It takes time to both create and edit fine art images.
  • How many images we get depends largely on the demeanor of the baby.
  • Newborns will cry during the shoot. This is normal. We use pediatrician approved soothing methods found in the book The Happiest Baby On The Block
  • Katie will do the majority of soothing and posing after the baby is fed and burped.
  • Parents may participate as spotters so that the baby is NEVER left unattended.
  • Posing newborns happens in stages and takes time.
  • Not every baby can do every pose.
  • Feeding should not be soothing. We do not want the baby to eat every time she cries. This is not a habit we want to form.
  • Over stimulation is the main thing we need to avoid. Signs of over stimulation can include: hiccups, repeated yawning, restlessness and flailing arms and legs.
  • Wrapping babies is a common practice in newborn photography. Most babies dislike the process, but love the final result. Thus we “wrap through the cry”.
  • Swaddling for photos is different than swaddling for sleep.
  • Using bottles during the shoot helps to know when the baby has had the correct amount of milk. Preparing in advance to use bottles can be very helpful. Talk to your doctor to see if this is acceptable for your baby.
  • Pacifiers can be a big help in calming a baby. Not all babies use pacifiers, however.
  • Review ways to burp your baby. Here are three common ways.
  • Katie may use a Mamaroo to aid your baby to fall asleep.
  • White noise and shhhing devices may be used to soothe your baby.