Maternity Portraits Tips

Every mom-to-be can use some maternity portraits tips. Here is what one client of ours did to create gorgeous images she and her husband loved. The most important elements in all of these tips are planning and having fun. I often tell clients to think of their maternity session like their wedding. You get to have all the fun planning, without any of the drama. So get ready to spend some time in the planning stages of your session. Your photographer will help you along the  way too.

1. Make a Vision Board For Your Maternity Portraits:

 It is always a good idea to find 20 images you like and look at them side by side. What patterns do you notice? Are the certain colors you are attracted to? Locations? Poses? Ideas? You may notice that there are large differences between some of the images you like. Try to discover what it is that is a common theme among all of the images. Even if you do not think there is a clear thread or common idea, it is still a great starting place to talk to your photographer about.

2. Find Props

 The first thing is to check with photographers you are considering and see what props they own. If you have your heart set on a certain kind of gown or crown or vintage baby carriage, you should ask. Your maternity portraits photographer may be in a lending network of photographers who help each other own by renting/sharing popular props. 

If you are the shopping type, it is always fun to go to flea markets and thrift stores. You never know what you can find. It could be that there is a prop you never considered that leaps out at you. These kinds of things make your maternity portraits your own.

There are a millions ways to Sunday to add some pizzaz to your maternity session. Take some time to look around and see what others have done. Then you and your photographer can make your favorite idea in their style.

3. Decide To Glam or Not To Glam

One of the most important maternity portrait tips is to decide your level of glamour. If you think you want to go for the Vanity Fair Cover look, then there is a lot to consider. What kind of makeup do you want? What does your photographer recommend for their style of lighting? Do you want to do your own make up? What about tanning? Do you want to air brush yourself out for that even skin tone from face to baby bump? Does it matter to you? If glam is important to you, I recommend coming in around week 30 for your session. You will have more energy and stamina.


4. Determine How You Feel About Semi-Nude Images

Maternity images can be intimate. Some women feel strongly that their baby bump be bare. Others want a gown that splits open over the belly. Some of the most gorgeous images you can have made of you are done while standing in your underwear. I have found that most women balk at the thought at first. But when they come and see the studio, and other images women have posed for, the often change their minds. Be sure to talk about these kinds of images with prospective photographers.


Katie is a maternity and newborn photographer in Los Angeles


Studio maternity portrait silhouette
Dramatic maternity portrait of couple