Why Newborn Portraits: 5 Reasons to Consider

Often, when we think of “portraits”, we think of everyone BUT newborns. Why would anyone want a professional portrait of a newborn. They are so…well, new.  The  thing about newborn portraits is that there is not a lot of time to get them made. In fact, to get the best portraits, families need to have a session scheduled before their baby is even born. If you are doubting whether newborn portraits are worthwhile,  here are a few things to think about.

  • A Baby is Miraculous: Cliche as it sounds, it’s true. A newborn is truly a thing of beauty. And as new as they are, they each are individuals with their own personality and expressions. From the shape of their eyes, to how they use their hands and feet, there are subtle differences from baby to baby. Some may think, “Why take photographs? A newborn can’t “do” anything.” While it is true, that they are physically limited, do not let this fool you. Even under their muscular constraints, their small personalities show on camera. 
  • Time: The growth and development of newborns moves at break neck speed. Experienced moms and dads will tell you that changes  are noticeable even after just a few days. Technically, kids are newborns for about 2 weeks. After that, they are infants and already different. A professional photographer has the expertise to capture all the details that make your baby just that: YOUR baby. Newborns have these characteristics for about 10 days after birth, and after that, they are  gone forever.
  • Snaps Shots Are Not Enough: While families can get a lot of amazing images with an iPhone or point and shoot camera, these are not the same as having a photographer plan a set and lighting just for your newborn. Professional images will have a look and feel that documents the look and countenance of your baby so early in his/her life. To only have snapshots of your newborn is a bit like travelling all the way to New York, only to  turn right back around without seeing any of the sights up close.
  • The Baby Album: Digital images have taken over in popularity in  many ways. The idea of a  complete professionally printed album with 20-30 images that documents your baby at the onset of her life has faded. But there is nothing like it. It is a collection of images that are yours forever for you to look at, share and enjoy. Digital images pale in comparison to those which have been crafted and printed the way the photographer intended. It’s like seeing the top of the Empire State Building for yourself instead of listening to someone describe it.
  • Celebration: You have had a baby. This is THE most unbelievable time of your life. You are excited, and who would not be? It is an astonishing experience. Celebrate your baby and  have professional portraits made. No one ever says, “Wow, I really regret having portraits made of our baby. What a waste of time.” Invest the time and energy now so that you can remember all the little things that go away so fast as your baby grows.