About Katie


As one of Los Angeles’ maternity and newborn photographers, photography is a second full time career for me. I was an elementary school teacher and part time photographer for over 20 years.

My talent for photographing children was “exploited” while I was a teacher. I was the go-to person for all kinds of photos, including “make up” picture day. Thus, being a newborn photographer was a logical transition as I retired from teaching.

Photographing kids and families is more similar to teaching than you may think (grin). Truly, I have to plan sessions, think of ways to get natural expressions and understand child development. And I also have to work with parents, often, brand new parents.

Photographer Katie Katsenis

My studio is very “teacher like”: organized, planned, consistent, and successful. I set clear expectations for clients about what they will need to do and what kinds of images they can expect for their family.

Getting amazing photographs does not just happen. They are planned, planned and planned some more. I always tell potential clients, “I can’t photograph you from behind a wall of emails, texts and phone calls”. I will be your photographer. Meeting in person is crucial. As your photographer we will “be in each other’s life” for 2-3 weeks as we plan, execute and create images for you to display.

Probably the best way to describe what I do is to quote a past client: “Katie, thank you for stopping time so perfectly for us”.

I invite you to have an in-person complimentary consultation about your maternity or newborn photo session. My job will be to create astoundingly captivating images of you and your family.

Experience what it feels like to be photographed with the people you love.



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