Recent work from participants so far in the Mother-Child Project

Why Are You Doing The Mother-Child Los Angeles Photography Art Project?

What is the inspiration for this Los Angeles family photography project?

Here is my story:

My name is Katie Katsenis. I'm a former special education teacher in Los Angeles Unified.  During my 15 years of teaching, I interacted with a lot of moms. Some of them had kids with minimal learning disabilities, and others had kids with major medical conditions.  I saw these moms fight for their kids every day; for their educational rights, for their social life, for inclusion, for every little thing you can imagine. Even though the Law was on these moms' side, the reality was often very different.

I chose not to be a mom myself because being a special education teacher was emotionally difficult. I felt I could not teach all day in a tough situation then be a good mom when I came home at night. Did I choose correctly? Maybe.

What are you trying to capture in this photography creative session?

What I did solidify as a teacher was an authentic and unrelenting respect for Motherhood. The sacrifices, the physical distress of pregnancy and nursing, the emotional distress of seeing their kids move through phases of adoration, backtalk and unappreciation. And how much of Motherhood is done alone. As much as dad helps, it's Mom kids run too, it's Mom they cry out for, and it's Mom they want when they are upset. This continues, for most, into adulthood.  

Motherhood has a lot of amazing aspects too. But there is a loving tension between what's fantastic and what's troubling.

This respect I have for the Mother-Child relationship is neither new nor original.  Great Masters from past centuries have agonized over how to capture the complexities of Mother and Child interaction. Now, I'm adding my own photographic vision to this timeless endeavor.

Now, I am a professional child and family photographer in Los Angeles. In my creative Mother-Child sessions I am aspiring to create images, portraits and digital art that speak to others; in galleries or local exhibitions. I encourage you to contact me about being part of this creative project.