What to Do When Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit Anymore

When you invest in your wedding ring set, you usually don’t think about life changes that could alter the fit of your ring. After all, you have to make a choice on the size. You don’t really want to leave any extra room that could result in the ring falling off. And when a woman gets pregnant or gains some weight later in life, this can change how well a ring fits. If you’re in the middle of this predicament, let’s take a look at what you can do to rectify the situation.

Get it Resized

There are jewelers that will resize your ring for you. If it is too small, they can actually add extra metal to the ring, so it fits better. Keep in mind, there are certain rings this won’t work well for. If you have a plain band that will rotate as the day goes on, you don’t want a portion of the ring to look like it has been pieced together. If you have something that has a diamond on top, which will hold the ring in place, this would be a more suitable situation for resizing. The resizing itself can cost nothing or it can cost a couple hundred dollars — according to Jeweler’s Mutual, it all depends on what the ring is made of, whether you have a warranty, and other factors.

Use an Alternative

If your ring isn’t fitting right now, you can go out and purchase another ring that will fit better if your budget allows. You could also buy something that isn’t a precious metal or that contains diamonds. Some people have an adverse reaction to these cheaper materials though. Their finger can develop a green mark on it or become red and itchy. Comfort is important. According to Enso Rings, high-quality, medical-grade silicone rings are safer than traditional wedding rings for those experiencing swelling.

Go Without One

If you and your spouse are comfortable with the idea, you can always ditch the wedding ring for the time being. After all, you both know that you’re married. You don’t necessarily need a ring to remind you of that. You’ll be able to put your ring back on when your swelling goes down or your fingers get smaller. Don’t sell that ring just yet! There are many ways that you can cope with your ring not fitting at this point in time. Chances are, your ring is going to fit again at some point. You just need to find a way to bridge the gap. If you’re looking to have your ring altered, make sure that you work with a reputable jeweler that will keep your ring safe.

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