Become A Panos Productions Photography Brand Ambassador

We are a small, locally owned boutique portrait photography studio based in Los Angeles. We're looking to expand our team and let more people get involved in our business. We are looking for a few Brand Ambassadors for spring and summer.

What is A Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who respects and believes in the services we offer. They use their influence on social media and in real life to tell people about and promote our services. They share our posts on social media with their followers. Brand Ambassadors are compensated with pay, discounts, recognition and other rewards.

What is the Panos Productions Photography Brand?

  • Panos Productions Photography is a family owned small business in Los Angeles. We specialize in fine art studio portraits with a boutique, highly customized experience. We offer 6 main portrait services: maternity portrait photography, newborn portrait photography, baby portrait photography, child/teen couture portrait photography, mother and child portrait photography, and personal branding photography.

  • We also offer commissioned, original art pieces. Clients can have their portrait taken with us, or provide us with the photo they want made into a painting. We then transform it into a digital painting printed on fine art paper. It can be framed and displayed in homes. You can see some examples here.

  • Our portrait sessions are what are called “boutique-style”, or highly customized and personalized experiences. Clients who are photographed at Panos Productions Photography come because they want the experience of being styled, posed and photographed just as much as they want showpiece images.

  • All clients receive a consultation with the photographer who will be photographing them. Clients receive guidance each step of the way throughout the portrait making process. At no time are clients left wondering what to do or what happens next. We are considered a high touch studio. This means that we service fewer clients each month with a lot of personalization, rather than servicing many with no personalization.

  • The studio owns a substantial wardrobe for maternity, baby and Mother/Child clients. Clients get a styling and fitting session before their portrait session begins. Further, the studio owns dozens of props that can be used to create vintage, rustic, classic and even modern looks.

Our one-line elevator pitch is: “We create showpiece images for modern moms who want to remember everything they love about their kids, forever”.

Words that fit our brand are: luxury, original, showpiece images, high-end, boutique, artistry, custom, portrait photography, BAO (by appointment only).

Who Can Be An Ambassador?

Ambassadors need to have access to people who would like our brand, the experiences we offer and our services. Our target audiences are:

  • high school juniors and seniors looking for studio senior pictures.

  • women 21+ who are expecting

  • women aged 21+ who have a baby up to age 12 mos.

  • women aged 21+ or who have kids/teens aged 3 to age 18.

  • grandparents

    That’s a lot of people! So essentially, if you have access to people who have kids, teens or are expecting kids you would probably be a great ambassador.

Here's How It Works:

Fill out the form below, if accepted you will receive your custom referral code. Publish this code on your social media accounts, in emails, or give to potential clients in person. Earn a referral fee of $17 for every new client to Panos Productions Photography who buys one of our packages or commissioned artwork. (Note: The ambassador program does NOT apply to newborn packages. Because of timing, scheduling and the amount of work involved, newborn sessions are excluded from the ambassador program).

 How Do I Get Paid?

We pay ambassadors every week. Typically we pay through Paypal Venmo. Payments go out on Fridays.

How Do I Promote My Code?

You get to decide that part! Keep in mind that we are a local brick and mortar business in Los Angeles. So you will want to promote your code to people who live in Los Angeles. We suggest starting with the people closest to you. If you think any friends or family might like our photo packages or a commissioned painting, let them know that you're a part of the team and can get them a discount. We post often on our social media, so you can repost, or retweet or share our posts and add your code. Many people chose to post photos along with their code to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or put it in their bio. Here are some other ideas:

  • Email friends

  • Post on social media that you are now a Brand Ambassador for Panos Productions and include your code.

  • Give cards out in person with your code.

  • Repost, comment on related posts you see. For example, if you see an adorable baby pic out there, repost it, tag Panos Productions and include your code.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador 

  •        Free personal branding session after your first paid referral.

  •        25% off any package for you or a family member (excluding newborn packages).

  • Letter of recommendation.

  •        A chance to be featured on our website/Instagram.

  • Earn $17 for each new paying client you refer (excluding newborn clients).

  • You can earn $17 in just minutes, so you can work on this side hustle from anywhere.

  • Invitations to exclusive photoshoots just for our best Ambassadors (glam sessions, creative sessions, photography workshops etc.)


How Do I Start?

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly with more details.

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