Tips for a Happy, Safe Bath Time

Bath time can be the ideal way to help your child relax before bed. Most kids enjoy their baths, especially if you have some fun toys for them to play with. To keep bath time safe and happy for everyone involved, parents and children alike, be sure to always check the water temperature before each bath, and take some basic safety precautions.

Bath Toys

There are plenty of different bath toys available. You may wish to choose toys that feature a favorite character or animal. Some bath toys are interactive, so you can play with your young child during bath time. There are waterproof books, bath-friendly art supplies, and stacking toys that will keep your child entertained during bath time. One thing to remember when it comes to bath toys is that they need to be cleaned regularly. Some are even dishwasher safe. If the toys you have start to smell or look moldy, be sure to replace them to prevent your child from getting sick. 

Water Temperature

Checking the water temperature is especially important when you have infants and toddlers. The temperature of the bathwater being used by children should be carefully and frequently monitored. While most parents are always cautious about the water being too hot, it's also important to prevent the water from getting too cold. This will make your child chilly and can cause him or her to not enjoy his or her bath. There are several different styles of thermometers on the market that are specifically designed for use in the bathtub. It may be a good idea to adjust the maximum water temperature of your hot water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent scalding

Safety First

When you have small children in the bathtub, safety should be paramount. Parents can often get busy or distracted with other tasks, which can mean leaving your child alone for a few moments. However, bath time is not the time for multitasking. It's important to always supervise your kids in the bathtub to prevent any accidents. For especially young babies, you may want to invest in a soft bath mat or a small baby tub to use as these can be more comfortable for infants. It's also important to be selective when choosing the products you use on your kids when it comes to soaps and shampoos. Be sure to find options that are tear-free and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, especially if you have an infant.

Bath time doesn't have to be stressful for kids or parents. Having a fun bath time routine is a great way to spend time with your children at the end of the day and prepare them for bed. One of the best ways to help your child enjoy his or her bath is by having a variety of bath toys available. It's also important to stay safe when your young child is in the water by checking the water temperature and following basic safety precautions.

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