Earn Cash and Perks With Our Ambassador Program

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Have you ever thought about being a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is someone who is paid to represent a business or company and to promote their services or products. The tasks can be simple to very complex depending on the size of the company. This can mean going to exhibitions, trade shows, concerts or other large events. Or it can mean promoting them on social media or passing out flyers. Or it can be a combination of these kinds of things. These days, there are many full time highly paid positions for “brand ambassadors”, but to land these permanent jobs usually requires a college education and some experience. But there are other kinds of brand ambassadors; ones that do not require a formal education or experience. In exchange for your work promoting a business, you may get perks, like free products or services. And some businesses actually pay a cash bonus for paid referrals. To see some examples of brand ambassador programs you can look at My Street Team and Jobble .

What is the Panos Productions Photography Brand?

Panos Productions Photography is a family owned small business in Los Angeles. We specialize in fine art studio portraits with a boutique, highly customized experience. We offer 6 main services: maternity portrait photography, newborn portrait photography, baby portrait photography, child portrait photography, and mother and child portrait photography, and personal branding photography. We also offer commissioned, original art pieces.

Our portrait sessions are what are called “boutique-style”, or highly customized and personalized experiences. Clients who are photographed at Panos Productions Photography come because they want the experience of being styled, posed and photographed just as much as they want showpiece images. All clients receive a consultation with the photographer who will be photographing them. Clients receive guidance each step of the way throughout the portrait making process. At no time, are clients left wondering what to do or what happens next.

The studio owns a substantial wardrobe for maternity, baby and Mother/Child clients. Clients get a styling and fitting session before their portraits begin. Further, the studio owns dozens of props that can be used to create vintage, rustic, classic and even modern looks.

Our one line elevator pitch is: “We create showpiece images for modern moms who want to remember everything they love about their kids, forever”.

What is the Panos Productions Photography Brand Ambassador Program?

Our brand ambassador program is a cash payout and perk based program. Ambassadors get paid cash for referrals that meet certain requirements and they also get perks, such as complimentary portrait services, being featured on our blog and more. A few times per year, we accept a select few ambassadors to promote our services to the local communities in and around Los Angeles. Most brand ambassadors continue for about 3 to 6 months. The average ambassador can take home between $100 and $140 per month. Motivated ambassadors can take home as much as $250 or more. This is good money. If you were to get paid minimum wage ($11 per hour in Los Angeles), it would take you just under 2 hours to earn $20. With this program, you can get a client to buy a maternity portrait package, for example and earn $20 in just a few minutes.

Probably the easiest money to earn is from our commissioned painting services. Everyone has a favorite photo. And almost everyone would love to have a personal artist turn it into a family heirloom to hang on their wall. You could earn a lot of extra cash per week just by getting people to look at their favorite images on their phone and deciding to make it a showpiece art display for their home.

If you are someone who knows people who have kids or are expecting moms, or if you know young people who need personal branding photos, there is potential to put some nice cash in your pocket with our Ambassador Program. Why work several hours for what you can make in just a few minutes? The experience of being a brand ambassador will translate to many other jobs such as customer service, sales, marketing, content writing, and more. Having been a successful brand ambassador looks impressive on any resume.