How to Tell That You're Ready for Another Child

After having your first child, you may assume that you will have another one and that you will know when the timing is right. The problem is that having one child doesn't always make it easier to decide when to add to the family. There are many factors to consider, and you need access to your health in multiple areas of your life before adding to your family.

You’re Financially Ready

Having kids is expensive. From childbirth to daycare, there are always out-of-pocket costs when adding to the family. You will either be doubling day care expenses or opting to lose one income so someone can stay home with the baby. All sick days from work may be used for the first child when he needs someone to stay home with him, so leave after giving birth to the second child could be pulled from your check. Plus, if your older child was out of diapers and finished with formula, you will be adding those costs back in with the birth of the second child. Having a second child may also mean moving to a bigger home so that everyone has plenty of room. Consider all of the expenses and run a mock budget to see where that leaves you assuming you go ahead and have another baby. Do this before committing to a final decision.

You’re Medically Ready

Just because you can get pregnant again doesn't mean you should. A short time between pregnancies is a common cause of premature birth. Pregnancy and birth are beautiful, natural processes, but they still take a toll on the body. You can endanger yourself and the baby you are carrying if you rush into a second pregnancy too soon. Your physical health matters. Not giving the body time to recover can make you feel exhausted before the second baby even arrives. There's also an increased risk of premature birth when children are born less than a year apart, with many experts saying don't even try to get pregnant again until your first child is 18 months old. Premature birth can result in life-long health problems for the baby, and parents of preemies also experience high levels of stress as their child tries to survive in the outside world before he's ready.

Your Relationship is Ready

It is possible to be a single parent, but if you're in a relationship, you need to make sure both you and your partner are ready to have another child before moving forward. Becoming parents can bring couples closer together, but it also puts a strain on the relationship since so much energy is put into raising kids instead of just being a couple. Moving forward with having a child if both partners are not on board can cause problems, such as resentment and blame, and this isn't the kind of environment in which to welcome a second child.

Having kids can be a wonderful thing. However, it’s important to assess your mental, financial and physical health before growing your family. Knowing that you're ready in these areas of life will create less stress as you add more children to your life.

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