3 Tips for Surviving a Day at the Pool with Your Little Ones

Summer is a fun time for your family to spend many hours together by the pool. Give yourself peace of mind while hanging out at the pool by taking proper safety precautions. Read on to learn three tips for surviving a day at the pool with your little ones. 

Have Shade

Ensuring there is shade near the pool is very important. You can bring your own shade with a sunshade umbrella that you take from home. Or, try finding a covered rest area in a pool park or a tree to sit under. Wearing hats also provides a form of shade.  Every child and adult who is spending the day in the sun should wear a hat at all times. Shade also prevents some materials from becoming too hot. Whenever possible, have your child play in shaded areas. Shade can also help prevent dehydration and heatstroke. The best time to hydrate is while resting in the shade. 

Teach Your Little Ones About Pool Dangers

You should also teach your little ones about the dangers of running around the pool and the consequences of breaking that rule. Most parents know about the risks, but toddlers and children need to hear rules repeated many times. With toddlers, it is best to keep things simple. Let them know they may fall and get hurt or fall into the pool and be unable to swim. Also, always have toddlers wear floaties. These floatation devices save many lives every year. If your toddler resists, then bring them to the store and let them choose the floaties that have their favorite Disney character on them. This will make the rule more fun, and toddlers and children will follow rules when they feel like it was their decision.  


When playing in the sun, wearing sunscreen is important. When swimming is involved, be sure to reapply sunscreen every 45 minutes. Sunscreen takes about 15 minutes to sink into the skin and become active. Be sure to use waterproof sunscreen, and be sure to follow through with application even if your child finds it uncomfortable. There are also more natural physical sunscreen options, such as ones that are titanium and zinc-based. Those are called mineral sunscreens as opposed to chemical sunscreens.

Summer pool safety is important, and there are certainly some hazards of pool time that you need to look out for. That being said, don't let it take away from your fun. Teach your child a few safety rules, reapply sunblock, and enjoy your summer.

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